Cider For Thanksgiving – Entrée

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and as travel plans are being made, so are preparations for making dinner for the big day. It would be an understatement to say we love cider here at Urban Tree, drinking or otherwise. Whenever I cook a big dinner, I try to include cider in the recipe if I can or at least find a cider to pair with the meal itself. In a typical Thanksgiving meal, the dishes tend to lean towards the salty and savory so we suggest pairing dishes like that with drier style ciders.

Our Original Cider complements a rich dinner by bringing out tart flavors to add a subtle sweetness rounding out every bite. We make this particular cider with white wine yeast so it mimics some of the flavors of white wine while tasting like something completely different. Our Red Rum cider was practically made for Thanksgiving. Using Georgia honey and cranberry juice, this tart cider uses classic fall flavors for a fruity aroma and a semi sweet sip that will want to keep you in a fall mood.

To try these ciders or to purchase them before Thanksgiving, visit us Wednesday night for extended Thanksgiving Eve hours and take home a growler for dinner the next day.

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