Urban Tree Cidery brews unique, local flavors

“Friendly staff, an earthy feel and tasty ciders characterize Urban Tree Cidery. From the original English-style cider to their now permanent staple of ginger habanero, Urban Tree Cidery offers options for every palette.

Classic is the recommended first sample for those new to cider. This cider has the perfect level of  sweetness and its carbonation is pleasantly refreshing.

To those who wish to branch out from tradition, try the Ginger Habanero. Originally a seasonal flavor that Urban Tree had when they first opened, it became so popular that it earned a place as one of their staples. The combination of ginger and habanero created a spicy kick in the throat, but it was pleasantly balanced by the sweetness of the apples…”

Article continues on Technique originally posted on September 2, 2016.

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