Making our Sweet Heat cider

One of our fan favorite ciders at Urban Tree is an infusion of ginger and habanero called Sweet Heat, but what actually goes into making this spicy creation?

It started with an idea from our head cidermakers Tim and Jackie to create a uniquely spicy cider that wasn’t overpowering but had a well­ rounded and complex flavor we could enjoy every day.

First we hand-­cut local habanero peppers and grate fresh ginger. They are separately infused and aged to perfection. Once matured, we blend them with one of our select cider bases made from a variety of unique apples to create the perfect blend of flavors, textures and aromas.

Next we lightly filter through a customized filtration system. This is done separately from any of our other ciders and the result is a drink with a full bodied finish. Finally, Sweet Heat is transferred to small batch kegs to be carbonated, soon it’s ready to tap and enjoy.

My favorite part about Sweet Heat is the cloudiness and weight that the cider has which makes for a great drinking experience. The zing from the ginger and bite from the habanero pair with each other so well, it’s hard to drink only one!

June Events

Happy Summer to everyone out there!
Here’s a list of a few awesome events and happenings going on this month!

Food Trucks Aplenty!

We’re open Friday the 17th AND Cattywampus is back! We’re open from 6-10pm.
Buena Gente is coming back as well to bring their Cuban delights to Urban Tree on the 18th.
Tex’s Tacos made a huge (and tasty) impression on us and we’re happy to bring them back on the 25th!


Cornhole starts on the 22nd and is every Wednesday so be sure to sign up before the deadline.
Our second yoga event is the 28th, tickets are on sale now, check out our event and high lunge over here!
Of course, every Thursday is Growler Night for 15% off growler purchases or fill-ups.

Food Pairings – Cheese

This week we delve into how well cider pairs with food. Just like wine, cider has many flavor palettes that can complement food like cheeses or meats. We’ll go through three of our ciders today and discover how they pair with cheese.

Our Classic Cider is bright and clear with a semi-sweet bouquet. I’m pairing it with a Caramel Washed Gouda cheese that, when combined with the cider, brings out a flavor of salty sweetness in the cheese. Fresh basil also matches the sweetness with hints of anise or a savory pepper flavor.

Next, our Original Cider is dry and has notes of tannins and has a subtle tartness. Triple Crème Brie cheese complements the cider by balancing the crisp dryness with the rich creaminess of the brie. Spreading the cheese on a cracker accompanied by a few pear slices adds some juiciness in between sips.

The last cider we’ve paired is our Rum Barrel Aged which we’ve matched with Cashel Blue cheese. The tang taste and buttery texture of the cheese balances the robust rum notes in the cider all while mixing with apple and oak flavors to create a complex bite every time.

All this is an example of what you could expect by booking an event in our Barrel Room for smaller parties. There, you can sip cider while being given a private tour by one of our cidermakers, and if you choose, nibble on cheese plates or hand-picked charcuterie. Check the link or email for more information.