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‘Atlanta’s First Cidery’ Opens to the Public Next Week

“Urban Tree Cidery, announced last summer as “Atlanta’s first cidery,” has an opening date on the calendar. Urban Tree will debut its Westside tasting room on Saturday, March 26, according to a Facebook post. The team plans to pour its variations of cider until 4 p.m. or later, “if we are busy.”

Owners Maria and Tim Resuta will offer two traditional alcoholic ciders and a regular basis, along with a rotation of seasonal concoctions. All ciders will be crushed and produced on site at the cidery’s 4,500-square-foot home. The Resutas have said they will use their business to “support the community through a variety of programs, including Concrete Jungle and Trees Atlanta.”

On Urban Tree’s website, three flavors are currently listed, all checking in at 6.5 percent abv:

  • Original: Described as “dry and crisp, tart European style, subtly sweet.” Urban Tree suggests pairing it with pork, roasted vegetables, and cheddar.
  • Classic: Refreshing and pleasant, sweet, bright. Pair with fish, fruit, and soft cheeses.
  • Barrel-aged: Robust, strong, woody vanilla and oak notes. Pair with roasted foods, grilled foods, heavy breads, strong cheeses.

Complete, regular hours for Urban Tree haven’t been announced. The cidery takes up residence in the former Eclectia Props space at 1465 Howell Mill Road.”

Article originally posted on Atlanta Eater on March 18, 2016.

Urban Tree Cidery to open March 26th

“An apple (cider) a day keeps the brewery boredom away.

Dr. Tim Resuta and his wife Maria have set an opening date for Atlanta’s first cider manufacturing facility and tasting room.

Urban Tree Cidery has announced in a Facebook post that the establishment is opening its doors to the public Saturday, March 26th at noon….”

This article continues at What Now Atlanta originally published on March 15, 2016.

The most anticipated Atlanta craft brewery openings in 2016

“2015 was undeniably a year of growth, but also a frustrating one for the Atlanta craft beer community. When state legislature passed Beer Jobs Bill (SB 63), local brewers could finally sell (some of) their beer directly to consumers on site, a right they’d long been fighting for and one that almost every other state in the country enjoys (save for us, Mississippi, North Dakota, and Hawaii)….”

Article continues at Atlanta Magazine originally published on January 5, 2016.

‘Atlanta’s First Cidery’ Plans to Open This Fall in Westside

“Urban Tree Cidery, what’s being billed as Atlanta’s first “cidery,” is in the works for Westside. The new venture from owners Maria and Tim Resuta will open this fall in the former Eclectia Props space at 1465 Howell Mill Road, PR announced in a release Tuesday.

Details are scarce at the moment, but Urban Tree will offer two traditional alcoholic ciders and a regular basis, along with a rotation of seasonal concoctions. All ciders will be crushed and produced on site at Urban Tree’s 4,500-square-foot home. In addition to pouring up their cider, the owners “will support the community through a variety of programs, including Concrete Jungle and Trees Atlanta,” according to the release.”

Article originally from Atlanta Eater. published on July 14, 2015.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from all of us at Urban Tree!

As we say hello to 2017, we’re already thinking ahead to new opportunities and horizons but before the month is over, we’ll have a brand new cider!

Urban Tree Cidery’s newest seasonal creation is a Blood Orange, Bourbon, and Vanilla blend that was inspired by an advanced tasting of ASW Distillery’s newly released Fiddler Bourbon. As soon as we tried it, we knew immediately that the orange, salted caramel, and nutmeg notes in Fiddler would pair perfectly with the wintry blood orange fruit and Madagascar vanilla bean.

After visiting the distillery, the Urban Tree team worked with the good folks at ASW to use their Fiddler barrels so we could begin the aging process and bring our cider closer to toasty perfection.


For more info, check out our Facebook Event.


For all you festival lovers out there, we’ll be going to a lot more this year so keep your eyes open and follow us on Facebook for more info.
This month we’ll be participating in the 13th Annual Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting on the 21st and the first ever Fermentation Fest in Decatur on Sunday the 22nd. Hope to see you there!


In honor of the Falcons facing the Packers this Sunday we’ll be staying open until the game is over so you can cheer them on! Let’s Taco Bout It food truck will be here to satisfy your hunger and we’ll even have two special cider cocktails featuring rye whiskey, Ryez Up and Dirty Bird! So try a cider or two, grab some tacos, and watch the game with us!

Cider For Thanksgiving – Entrée

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and as travel plans are being made, so are preparations for making dinner for the big day. It would be an understatement to say we love cider here at Urban Tree, drinking or otherwise. Whenever I cook a big dinner, I try to include cider in the recipe if I can or at least find a cider to pair with the meal itself. In a typical Thanksgiving meal, the dishes tend to lean towards the salty and savory so we suggest pairing dishes like that with drier style ciders.

Our Original Cider complements a rich dinner by bringing out tart flavors to add a subtle sweetness rounding out every bite. We make this particular cider with white wine yeast so it mimics some of the flavors of white wine while tasting like something completely different. Our Red Rum cider was practically made for Thanksgiving. Using Georgia honey and cranberry juice, this tart cider uses classic fall flavors for a fruity aroma and a semi sweet sip that will want to keep you in a fall mood.

To try these ciders or to purchase them before Thanksgiving, visit us Wednesday night for extended Thanksgiving Eve hours and take home a growler for dinner the next day.

Cider For Thanksgiving – Appetizers

This time of the year when you grab a drink, we believe cider is the perfect go-to beverage for the season. Plus, because cider is made from apples, it pairs with a variety of dishes and is a great substitute for wine when used for cooking.

We’ll be sharing a recipe from Figs & Honey Catering that incorporates our cider as well as a few pairing choices for hors d’oeuvres.

The dish they’ve created uses our Classic Cider in a sauce with spicy meatballs. After the meatballs have cooked, you can add cider to enhance the spices and create a light gravy. This method can be used with other meals as well. Deglazing a pan with cider is easy and adds different flavors depending on what you’re serving.


A question we get a lot in our tasting room is what food pairs well with cider and we think the easiest (and most delicious) way is to pair it with cheese. For the sake of great food and drink, we took it upon ourselves to sample and rate a few cheeses to come up with a few suggestions. And remember, always pull your cheese out of the refrigerator at least an hour and a half before serving to bring out the flavor.

For our Classic Cider, gouda cheese was our choice because the flavor of salty sweetness in the cheese was brought out by the semi-sweet cider. Fresh basil also matches the sweetness with hints of anise or a savory pepper flavor.

Our Original Cider is dry and notes of tannins so we chose brie cheese because the crisp cider is balanced by the rich creaminess of the brie. Spreading the cheese on a cracker accompanied by a few pear slices adds some juiciness in between sips.

In a unanimous decision, our Rum Barrel Aged Cider was matched with blue cheese. The tang taste and buttery texture of the cheese balances the robust rum notes in the cider all while mixing with apple and oak flavors to create a complex bite every time.

Try these out this Thanksgiving  and remember to #PickCider this holiday season.

Also, remember for the whole month of November, we’re offering free shipping in Georgia when you buy a case!

Urban Tree Cider Shipping in Georgia

Only after a few months of our tasting room being open, we’re excited to announce you can now buy Urban Tree Cider online and have it shipped to you in the state of Georgia or pick it up in our tasting room after ordering!

We’ll be selling our three flagship ciders through our online shop while orders will be processed, handled, and shipped out of our tasting room in Atlanta.

This is a huge step for us and we can’t wait to see where you’ll take our cider! If you take a picture you love, tag us at @urbantreecider with the hashtag #myurbantree

To buy a bottle or case, head to our shop on our website at and be sure to visit our Facebook for updates and events.

Making our Sweet Heat cider

One of our fan favorite ciders at Urban Tree is an infusion of ginger and habanero called Sweet Heat, but what actually goes into making this spicy creation?

It started with an idea from our head cidermakers Tim and Jackie to create a uniquely spicy cider that wasn’t overpowering but had a well­ rounded and complex flavor we could enjoy every day.

First we hand-­cut local habanero peppers and grate fresh ginger. They are separately infused and aged to perfection. Once matured, we blend them with one of our select cider bases made from a variety of unique apples to create the perfect blend of flavors, textures and aromas.

Next we lightly filter through a customized filtration system. This is done separately from any of our other ciders and the result is a drink with a full bodied finish. Finally, Sweet Heat is transferred to small batch kegs to be carbonated, soon it’s ready to tap and enjoy.

My favorite part about Sweet Heat is the cloudiness and weight that the cider has which makes for a great drinking experience. The zing from the ginger and bite from the habanero pair with each other so well, it’s hard to drink only one!

Summer of Cider & Seafood

For the month of July, Urban Tree is having a fun filled month of food trucks, events, and new cider flavors!

Cousins Maine Lobster is kicking off the month this Saturday the 2nd with their New England food truck full of lobster, shrimp tacos and more!
We’re also debuting a new cider! Dry hopped with a tri-blend mixture, this new cider welcomes the Georgia heat with a citrus flavor that’s sure to quench your thirst.

Our first ever Low Country Boil is Friday July 8th and tickets are on sale now! A ticket gets you a pound and a half of delicious Gulf Shrimp, Mussels, Homemade Sausage, Corn, Onions and Potatoes boiled in savory, low country seasonings. We’ll see you there!
Louisiana Purchase food truck will be here the following Saturday the 9th serving their delicious creole cuisine like shrimp étouffée, roast beef poboys, chicken/sausage gumbo and muffulettas!

At the end of the month we’re having Atlanta Seafood Company come on Friday the 22nd where we’re releasing a new summer cider infused with peaches.

Deep South Biscuit Company will also be back again Sunday July the 10th for brunch starting at 1pm!