Fresh Press

When Cider Gets Wild

For this week’s Fresh Press, we wanted to give you a glimpse of our new seasonal cider and what goes into making a new flavor from picking the juice to sampling new concoctions and finally to the finished product.

First, we had an unexpected (and amazing) thing happen, one of our containers filled with Stayman Winesap juice started to ferment due to the native yeast inside. This is especially exciting because this gives the cider a unique flavor that can only be found at our orchard.

From there we monitored the juice until all of the yeast ate the sugars and turned the juice into a fully fermented cider.

Then the real fun part happens, tasting. We mix flavors and combine our favorites to create what we hope is something delicious. In this case, the addition of wildflower honey to sweeten the cider was all that we needed to make an enjoyable drink. Choosing not to blend the cider with other apples was another important factor that we felt complemented the end product.

After mixing together the honey and cider, we filtered and carbonated it where it’s currently waiting to be put into kegs and enjoyed!

We’re having a New Flavor Release on May 20th where you can try it for the first time! So check it out and come on over for food, music, and our new cider!

Bottle Party Recap

The bottle party was a HUGE success and we are so thankful for all 613 of you that showed up to celebrate with us. The response Atlanta has given us has been nothing short of overwhelming.

Thanks to Cattywampus Grill for giving us the best chicken and waffles we’ve ever had and serving all of our hungry customers. Also, thank you to Jeremy Wayne Dean for entertaining everyone all through the night, we didn’t want him to leave!

We loved seeing the cidery look better than ever thanks to Peachtree Tents and Events as well.

As another weeks starts, the warm weather is perfect for drinking a cider cocktail on our patio and we have a bottle waiting with your name on it.

*Photo credit goes to our great fans!*