Start a Legacy

While cider’s history in the United Kingdom is rich, America is ripe for its own flavor of heritage. Yet to create a legacy in Atlanta that lasts, we first need to ensure existing ones continue to grow. We harvest our apples from the majestic Blue Ridge Divide in Mountain City, Georgia—a family-owned orchard rich with Southern heritage that has been growing some of the South’s finest apples for over 100 years.

Urban Tree isn’t just about making deliciously refreshing ciders. Although that’s what we do day in and how, we believe in something bigger. We believe that legacies connect us to the past and bridge us to the future. Whether it’s within our families, communities, or friendships, we owe it to the generations to come to preserve historical legacies while planting the seeds for new ones to grow. You can taste this in every sip of Urban Tree Cider.

Learn more cider, the orchard, and the family behind the name in this section.