The Resuta Family

Urban Tree Cidery is a true labor of love crafted by the Resuta Family. Tim and Maria were both certified as Master Cider Makers at the Cider and Perry Academy in Gloucestershire, England before founding Urban Tree out of Tim’s spirited passion for all things cider.

Tim & Maria Resuta

For many years Maria and Tim have been interested in sustainable agriculture that creates a unique farm-to-table product. Being avid cider drinkers, they saw the rising popularity of hard cider consumption in the United States.

Aware that the North Georgia Mountains are a major apple producing region, they turned their attention and focus to obtaining an orchard that produced the highest quality fruit. This is when the passion project known as Urban Tree Cidery began.

Shortly thereafter, they began extensive training in the production of handcrafted, artisan cider.

Maria and Tim studied at the Cider and Perry Academy in Gloucestershire, England under the direction of Peter Mitchell, a highly-regarded, internationally recognized authority in the production of Cider and Perry. After completing training at the Academy, they obtained their NACM (North American Cider Makers) Certification in Cider and Perry Appreciation – the only formal cider industry specific qualification available in the world.

Together they strive to produce ciders that reflect the beauty of the apple, the character of the land where they are grown, and the creative blending techniques that result in the delicate balance of subtle complexities.

Jackie Waice

Jackie embraced the cider business when her sister, Maria and Tim came up with the idea to create Urban Tree. After spending so much time enjoying cider at family gatherings she decided to join the team in bringing the family’s handcrafted cider to the Atlanta market. She is extremely excited to be a part of the new family tradition that has begun as well as a part of Atlanta’s first cidery.

Like Tim and Maria, Jackie received her certification in Cider making during the summer of 2014 in Portland, Oregon. The certification is a recognized course by the National Association of Cider Makers (NACM) and taught by Peter Mitchell of the Cider & Perry Academy in Gloucestershire, England. She is also an active and proud member of the United States Association of Cider Makers (USACM).

At Urban Tree Jackie wears many hats. She is assistant cider maker to her brother in law, Tim, and enjoys both the science and art that goes into handcrafting cider. Having a Bachelor of Science degree, she got to tap into her knowledge of chemistry, microbiology and physics. It is her mission to make a product that she is proud of– and also one that the Atlanta community is proud to have represent their city.

Jackie also serves as the event coordinator at Urban Tree. This role is especially important to her because the first “unofficial” event that took place at the Cidery, was a 30th birthday party for her which ended with a surprise engagement! That is a memory she will cherish forever and can’t wait to be a part of your forever memories at Urban Tree Cidery.!