How our cider is made

Following traditional techniques, Urban Tree Cider production begins on the farm, giving it a unique grove to glass quality. We harvest our apples by hand and transport them to Atlanta’s first cidery where they are transformed into delicious and natural hard cider.

“At Urban Tree, we are involved in every step of the process to let the very best characteristics shine through.” – Tim Resuta, Owner and Head Cider Maker

Upon arrival at Urban Tree Cidery, the apples are washed and milled to a pulp before being pressed into a fresh juice. Yeast is added to the juice before undergoing the fermentation process in which sugar is transformed into alcohol, all while maintaining the fruit’s natural expressiveness. After the fermentation process completes, the now hard cider is filtered to remove any remaining yeast or solid pulp.

Tim Resuta tests quality of apple juice for cider making - Urban Tree

Once the science of fermentation is over, the arts of blending, aging, and infusion can begin. Each Urban Tree cider style follows a recipe that has been perfected over time and tested throughout the process to ensure premium quality.

Finally, the cider is carbonated, bottled, and made ready for thirsty folks to enjoy the delicious complexity of Urban Tree’s handcrafted labor of love.